Citizens for Responsible Government (CRG) will be hosting a rally tonight at Serb Hall to support the reform of the Milwaukee County Board. 
CRG was the group responsible for the Tom Ament recall in the wake of the pension scandal and helped paved the way for the rise of Scott Walker. Tonight's rally will be emceed by AM620 WTMJ host Charlie Sykes and will feature a host of speakers to discuss the importance of reform and action steps ahead. 
The Milwaukee County Board reform bill has gained more traction in the wake of the latest scandal that involves members of the County Board negotiating with a de-certified union and then subsequently lying and covering-up once it was exposed. 
Chris Kliesmet of CRG says, "It is vitally important that the board be reformed by state statute, not county ordinance, so that the county cannot simply reverse any promised reforms in the future." 
CRG is the Winner of the Day for taking on the difficult task of reforming the Milwaukee County Board.