The RNC chairman has followed through on his promise to conduct a thorough audit of the Republican Party's operations.

The results? A comprehensive report that details the organizations strengths and outlines a clear path to address it's operational shortcomings.
Reince spoke a bit about this plan on Midday with Charlie Sykes on Monday.
"The problem was a little of everything," Priebus said. "We’re now in a world of permanent politics and our party has been slow to react."
Detailing proposals for the future, Priebus explained his desire for less debates, an earlier convention in June or July, and commitment to hire hundreds of staff in 2013 for a massive grassroots outreach program to any and all communities.
"We need to add to what we already have," said Priebus, "we need to build the party." Priebus said he hopes Republicans can focus on finding common ground with voters and focusing on "the 80%" that different groups might agree on rather than the 20% they don’t.
And he'll address it next week at INSIGHT 2013 in Pewaukee. INSIGHT 2013 is Charlie's annual live show and this year, it's presented by
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