On Tuesday afternoon, we learned that Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack circulated a letter among the justices to apologize to the public for the incident that occurred between Justices Prosser and Bradley in June 2011. Justice Roggensack was attempting to rise above the incident, acknowledge to the public that it was unbecoming of the court, and pledge that the court would move forward. The letter was immediately shot down by Chief Justice Abrahamson as "instantly divisive" and was never read to the public as intended.
This news shoots a hole in a liberal Supreme Court candidate's entire campaign. Ed Fallone is running against the "dysfunction" on the high court, and his main attack is that Justice Roggensack has not worked to improve the function and image of the court.
It turns out Roggensack has been working to make things right. For that, Justice Roggensack is the RightWisconsin Winner of the Day.