Graeme Zielinski survived.

Oh, sure, he was publicly chastised in the press, but neither he nor his superiors ever had to appear on camera to explain his transgressions, or his discipline. He keeps his job. The lapdog mainstream press moves on. Graeme wins.

Even if you believe that he will actually be docked one week's pay (there is no way to confirm this), the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's spokesman has survived.

As far as we can tell, the only changes in his duties are that he will no longer have any on the record comments on camera, in print or online.

In his 'new' role as media adviser he will continue to work the press. Think "Graeme Zielinski" every time you read "Party officials say" or "according to sources."  His smear peddling will now just be more behind the scenes, but nothing has really changed at DPW.

Graeme Zielinski will continue to work with candidates and top party officials.

Why? Because top elected Democrats like Tammy Baldwin and their enablers in the mainstream press let him.

Zielinski survives. He wins. Civility and decorum loses. And the traditional press gives their allies a pass.