The small businessman and former Capitol staffer wins a competitive five-way Special Election Primary by 30 votes. Barring a recount and an unforseen and unprecedented write-in campaign, Neylon will become the newest member of the Wisconsin State Assembly in April.

Neylon edged out former Police Chief Ed Baumann and easily bested former Lt. Governor Kleefisch aide Jeanne Tarantino and should be sworn in just in time to participate in the debate over the next state Budget.

Adam Neylon is poised to become a rising star in Madison. The big endorsements went to more politically experienced opponents Jeanne Tarantino and Ed Bauman, but Neylon parlayed his Capitol connections to score a few of his own as well. Most importantly, the kid worked his tail off. His aggressive campaign paid off in what turned out to be both a blowout (of Tarantino) and a squeaker (he beat Baumann by 30 votes). Those extra ten minutes he spent on the door each day the last two weeks? Well, when you win a coveted seat by such a small margin, that extra effort makes the difference.



Candidate Total / Votes / Percent

Adam Neylon 2,003   38.3%

Ed Baumann 1,973   37.8%

Jeanne Tarantino 773  14.8%

Matt Morzy 253   4.8%

Todd Greenwald 215  4.1%

Results unofficial until canvassed