Wisconsin Congressman navigates idiotic, condescending questions on Meet the Press and gives detailed revealing interview that sets the stage for the coming budget tussle.

If there ever was nay doubt that Meet the Press has suffered greatly from the untimely loss of former host Tim Russert, one need t look no further than the bias on display in David Gregory's interview of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan on Sunday.

But Ryan was able to sift through the bias of the interviewer to provide a serious discussion on the spending and debt crisis facing this nation. Ryan explained the reason for his post-election low profile and offered a revealing and refreshing take on President Obama's second term.

When Gregory offered some closing puffery and asked the House Budget Chairman to explain some inane social chatter he had with former President Bill Clinton, Ryan offered this gem, “If we had a Clinton presidency, if we had an Erskine Bowles, chief staff at the White House or president, I think we would have fixed this fiscal mess by now.”