"A minority in the GOP is like a chicken at Colonel Sanders’ house," Hulsey told The DCNF through email. "They may feed you and let you crow a bit, but it does not end well."

These are the words of long-shot Democratic gubernatorial candidate and current Democrat Assemblymen Brett Hulsey - and he's been saying far worse in his social media outlets. 
At the Republican convention held in downtown Milwaukee a week ago, Hulsey met Black Conservative Pam Stevens. "I have no respect for Hulsey at all," said Stevens, who is in her fourth year as a state delegate and is the president of the Wisconsin chapter of the Frederick Douglass Foundation.
You can watch their exchange here:

Dressing up in Confederate clothing is simply not funny. Blacks see this as a painful time in our nation’s past. But if we went back and remember, it was the Democratic Party that participated in racism and exclusion of Blacks dressed as Confederates. 
While this was supposed to be a prank to get attention and garner support, Hulsey reminds us exactly how little he respects Blacks and the painful period of slavery. If Hulsey thinks Governor Walker is racist he should have thought about how racist it is to parade around in confederate garb and joke about such a sensitive subject.
Real people were lynched and raped by people wearing such garb and this is something he laughs and jokes about? I fail to find the humor.
I hope that Blacks will wake up and understand that if Mr. Hulsey feels that slavery is amusing, maybe Blacks should seriously reconsider their dependence on Democrats. Where are the Mandela Barnes', Nikiya Harris’, and Gwen Moores and others who are so quick to fire off press releases about Sheriff David Clarke on these matters? More dead silence.
I guess Brett Hulsey was not paying attention as the nation denounced the actions of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Perhaps he is the racist, and those who joined him to create a scene at the Republican Convention. I demand that if he feels Conservative and Republican Blacks are equal to FRIED CHICKEN of all things that he be censured and banned from the Wisconsin electorate. There is no place for racists and bigots in our state government. I demand Hulsey be censured and removed immediately. I would question any Democrat who would support anyone who thinks and feels this way governing our politics.
Brett Hulsey has not apologized and continues to proudly display his close minded hatred for a section of people. Hulsey admits that he will not represent me and others who think like me. Last I checked he took an oath to do so.
If I tried to create the same disturbance at a Democratic Convention, I would have been met with fierce opposition. I do think Blacks need to seriously remember Mr. Hulsey’s actions and understand how little it meant for Democrats to allow him to go through with this stunt. Just imagine if Governor Walker compared Democratic Blacks to FRIED CHICKEN. He would be lynched!
There should be no tolerance for hate of any kind in our state and we should all call for an end to it at once.