"I talked to her last night. Feel bad. She feels worse.

"We cannot afford another story like this one. No one can give them any reason to do another story. That means no lap tops, no websites, no time away during the work day, etc."
The email in question, from then Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker to a member of his staff, was first reported two years ago. But you wouldn't know that from the hyperventilating on the left.
The hordes of reporters and lefty advocates are hyping this as if it were a smoking gun and a new development. It is neither.
Do they not realize the email was a part of the 2012 Rindfleisch criminal complaint? Or are they so desperate to 'get' Scott Walker that they're trying to pass that email off as something it is not.
The Journal Sentinel referenced that email in their coverage from two years ago.
But now all of a sudden...
What does that email, or any of the emails prove about the Governor? Nothing. That particular email does not prove that Scott Walker was complicit in a scheme to campaign using public time and resources. It indicates, that at the time he wrote the email, Walker told his staff to knock off anything they shouldn't be doing. He ordered them not to use laptops, comment on websites or be out of the office when they should not be. Oh, and that he felt bad that a woman on his staff ended up jobless because she was leaving comments on a newspaper's website.
The Journal Sentinel also references an email from Walker employee Cindy Archer, who used non-public email to communicate with fellow staff and Walker. Archer's home was raided (and somehow the press was there to witness it) as a part of this witch hunt. She was never charged with any wrong doing whatsoever. Neither was Walker.
If the emails proved Walker was a part of a scheme to defraud taxpayers, don't you think prosecutors would have charged him long ago? Again, they were in possession of this email for more than three years. They read it. They referred to it in court documents. They also never charged Walker with anything, despite their obvious burning desire to do so.
The media has created a breathless hype machine. The Journal Sentinel has ten reporters on this story, for example. More than a dozen news outlets and lefty organizations stood in line to get the emails yesterday. The Wisconsin State Journal live blogged the 'event.' 
Yet, they apparently fail to grasp the fact that prosecutors have had this email for more than three years.
Despite their deep desire and expensive, legally-dubious witch hunts, the Milwaukee District Attorney's team has been unable to 'get' Scott Walker
So, what they could not do in a court of law, prosecutors are now attempting to do in the court of public opinion, with the assistance of a lazy, biased and now giddy press corps. 
Um, no they suggest no such thing. Moreover, illegal campaign "coordination" was ever found or charged.
As for The Progressive Magazine's tweet:





Kudos to their graphic artist, I'm sure that took a lot of time to create, but over-hyping a quote that was public knowledge two years ago is neither reporting nor progressive. But it is a sign that their Walker Derangement Syndrome is in full bloom.
You know what they need? Something to calm their hyperventilation.
 May I suggest a brown paper bag?