One percenter Mary Burke, Democrat for governor, is telling the Koch Brothers to stay out of Wisconsin.


Our Ms. Burke and her largely self-funded campaign have purchased web ads on Wisconsin news websites warning, "Tell the Koch Brothers: Stay Out of Wisconsin." Click on the ad and you’re taken to an appeal from the Burke campaign.


Problem is, the Kochs are already in Wisconsin. With paper mills in Green Bay, Neenah and Sheboygan employing thousands. With refining, chemicals and biofuels operations in Junction City, Waupun, Madison and Milwaukee employing hundreds more. With asphalt plants in Green Bay and Stevens Point giving jobs to still more.


In Green Bay, the Kochs’ Georgia-Pacific subsidiary donated nearly $200,000 worth of materials to the public schools.


"Tell the Koch Brothers: Stay Out of Wisconsin?" And take those paper mill jobs in the Fox River Valley with you? The irony is that the Koch Brothers have signed more union contracts in Wisconsin than Our Ms. Burke.


The Burke-owned Trek bicycle plants in Wisconsin are non-union; most of its bikes are assembled in China. Also, non-union.


Koch Brothers out of Wisconsin? 

Mary Burke, get out of China!