At a time when families across the state are carefully watching their budgets, it’s not too much to ask for county governments to do the same. 
It doesn’t take a financial expert to see that Milwaukee County government is out of control. Currently, members of the County Board make about $50,000 per year in salary. 
Yes, Milwaukee is a large county, but that isn’t an excuse for such a bloated budget serving to fund a number of cushy jobs. 
Now is the time for elected officials to be public servants and lead by example. Government functions best when our officials put the community ahead of themselves. 
Residents of Milwaukee County are going to have an opportunity to voice their thoughts on a part-time board that can’t be paid more than the annual per capita income of Milwaukee County.
The change would also set board terms at two years instead of four, making supervisors more responsive to the public.
If the board became part time, the best of the supervisors would remain and those who are only seeking an easy paycheck and a slice of power would disappear. 
By holding elections every two years, just like the U.S. Congress, Wisconsin State Assembly and numerous other local offices across the state, the board would rightly become beholden to the people who elected them to served. Congress was designed to stay in tune with the people’s desires by holding frequent elections. 
Whether through Summerfest, the Brewers, the Bucks or the art museum, Milwaukee is a key piece to the state of Wisconsin. A more responsible board in tune with the people’s desires would only help protect our county and our culture.
Americans for Prosperity was very supportive of Assembly Bill 85 that left this question up to the public.  Now the people of Milwaukee County have a lot to consider in the coming weeks.