(H/T Tom McMahon)

We know that the owner of Penzey’s Spices is concerned about diversity, because he says he does... repeatedly.  Make that obsessively. In recent company catalogues that purport to sell spices, Penzey has lashed out at white racist suburbanites who vote for racist Republicans.  He knows that they are racists, because of the lack of "diversity."

In the last year, Bill Penzey has offered letters denouncing the use of Indian mascots at Mukwonago High School and bizarre letter in May that denigrated the citizens of Waukesha for their 'different way of thinking" and "race-based politics."

Now, Penzey has doubled down:

Segregation is no longer some grim-faced governor standing on the steps of the Capitol shouting, "Segregation now-tomorrow-forever!" Segregation today has grown into a multi-step process. It starts with the new, more polished leaders who, with a smile, send ever-so-subtle messages that America is a whites-first nation. Next, AM radio personalities turn that smile to a sneer and pass it on to their listeners, who turn that sneer into anger. That anger does an amazing job of producing lopsided vote totals in places with little diversity, but it’s poison to everything that is good in our lives and a roadblock across the path of Kindness that leads to cooking. 

Well, speaking of little diversity, local blogger Tom McMahon decided to take a deeper look at Penzey-land. He emails:

Bill Penzey mentioned "places with little diversity" in his firm’s Summer of Love 2014 catalog. But I went through all 64 pages of that catalog and could not find a single photo of an African-American in the whole thing. Sure, I found lots and lots of photos of white folks doing white people stuff, but no African-Americans. Why? Is he afraid they might scare off his lily-white clientele?

Really, none? That sounds like segregation to us. But can it be? We decided to do our own diversity census of Bill’s catalogue.

 Cover: Woman with VW. (White)

Page 8: Same picture of woman (White): plus middle aged couple with "VW still in the garage." (Both White)

Page16: Older couple with VW. (Both White)

Page 19: Family of five with VW bus. (All White)

Page 22: Four people with old VW Transporter. (All White)

Page 27: Woman with VW: (White)

Page 30: Grandma with granndkids, no VW. (All White)

Page 34: Family of four.  (All White)

Page 35: family of seven. (All White); Plus father and son. (Both White)

Page 36: Bearded guy, wife, and old VW. (Both White); Plus Four people with 10 dead fish  (All White… people not the fish.)

Page 37: Bearded guy with salmon jerky. (White)

Page 40: Woman with duckling and old VW. (White)

Page 47: Younger couple on vacation. (Both White)

Page 48: Parents and daughter who drives a VW. (All White)

Page 49: Woman and VW. (White)

Page 51: Elderly couple with VW: (Both White)

Page 52: Old guy driving VW: (White); Plus another picture of same old guy in VW (Still White)

Page 60: Couple and dog in convertible VW: (Both humans white)

There are also several pictures that include disembodied hands engaged in cooking. All are White.

So here is our final tally from the Penzey " Summer of Love 2014" catalogue in which Bill Penzey rips conservative suburbanites for their lack of "diversity":

White people: 53

Volkswagens: 14

African Americans: 0

Others: 0

This apparently passes for "diversity" in Bill Penzey’s  rather strange world.