Each of the 56 patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence understood that July 4 would hold no special place in history unless the hard work of assuring freedom continued after the ink was dry on the parchment.  With the passage of another Independence Day – an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the day, our freedom and celebrating with family, friends, and neighbors – remember that just like our Founding Fathers, the fight continues after July 4th. 

That’s exactly why I am fighting today.  I believe we need more citizen legislators to represent the people in Washington as our Founders did.  They were farmers, businessmen, and doctors.  They had careers just like you and me. 
The Articles of Confederation included a provision related to term limits, but the Constitutional Convention did not see them as necessary – serving in Congress was seen as an honor, but also merely a part time job.  It remained that way until the 20th century until, sadly, the representation in our country evolved from a short-term public service to a career. 
Far too many politicians and bureaucrats in D.C. simply do not understand what it is like to live under the rules and regulations they create because they’ve never had to live under them in the private sector.  But the world is a very different place outside of the Washington Beltway.
I am a citizen legislator, who got into public service to get things done – not to make it a career.  It should not take someone decades to make an impact – new blood and fresh ideas are good for the system and for America.
I believe that all Members of Congress should follow the example set by our Founding Fathers and serve for a limited term before returning to secular life.  The people we elect to Congress forget where they came from and the people they represent far too often.  The current system isn’t working and things must change. 
Term limits are overwhelmingly supported by the American people, but we cannot rely on politicians to term limit themselves.  I am willing to lead by example. Fortunately, Article V of the Constitution guides us on how we can rectify the current situation, and I truly believe that we must pass a constitutional amendment term limiting members of Congress. 
Convincing politicians to limit their own power is an uphill climb, but there is a solution somewhere, and the fight is worth it.  The permanent political class is hurting America, and I cannot sit idly by without trying to do something.
Duey Stroebel is candidate for Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District.  He has run a successful real estate business for nearly 30 years and is currently a Wisconsin State Assemblyman.