"The occupation has ended, the ranks of solidarity singers continue to dwindle and the halls of the capitol have returned to normalcy. Wisconsin has made bold moves in the past few years. We have drastically altered our course and are on the right path, but now is not the time to rest on our laurels.

Bills are written and passed in Madison, but the voices in small town Wisconsin determine how those decisions are made.  In order to keep moving Wisconsin towards prosperity, we need taxpayers around the state to continue speaking out against an overly complicated tax code and bloated government.
Our accomplishments are great. The state has saved $3 billion across every level of government. State and local governments have been given tools to operate more efficiently. Taxpayers have enjoyed more than $2 billion in direct tax relief. Hundreds of public sector jobs were saved when school districts and local governments were given the power to renegotiate contracts.
We cannot let our progress be slowed and our accomplishments fade away. Each year the school choice program is greatly expanded, giving more families the power to send their child to a school that best fits their needs. Our work is not done until every family has that right and is not limited by their zip code. $2 billion in tax relief is a great start, but we remain one of the highest-taxed states in the country. Our local governments are just now setting their financial house in order using tools acquired in the 2011 budget reform.
I urge each of you to stay vigilant. The battle for limited government, increased choice and more reasonable taxes has just begun. Stand alongside Americans for Prosperity and let your voice be heard. Let our conversations carry beyond grocery store lines and neighborhood cookouts and into the halls of Madison.
Thousands of informed taxpayers, home owners, parents and voters speaking out against unfair taxation and irresponsible spending cannot be ignored.  The future of Wisconsin is in our hands, not the hands of legislators in Madison. We must fight to ensure that our children inherit this state in better shape than we did.
Be encouraged by our accomplishments. Celebrate them. Then look forward to the future and strive every day to make a better Wisconsin. Forward.
If you want to join the fight for freedom go to http://www.iamafp.com and stand with us."