This week, Texans learned that Democratic candidate for governor Wendy Davis was telling lies about her own biography. And while mainstream media outlets have, for now, largely ignored the controversy, the lies speak to Davis' character. 

In Wisconsin, another Democratic candidate for Governor has her own biographical questions to answer.
In December, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Dan Bice documented how Mary Burke paid no state income taxes in 1990 and 1992-93. The campaign's excuse? Burke was not in Wisconsin working for Trek in 1990, as she once claimed.
"Mary Burke paid the taxes she owed," Zepecki said.
First, Zepecki said, Burke did not go to work for her father's business in 1990, as has been reported and stated in numerous stories. Zepecki chalked up the error to a "typo."
Burke was actually in New York working at a start-up company called Manhattan Intelligence, selling off her interest in the firm a year later. She landed at Trek for a short period in 1991 before moving to Europe to oversee the company's European operations.
Zepecki said she was not a resident of Wisconsin during that two-year period, meaning she was exempt from paying state taxes.
But as Bice notes, numerous stories indicate that Burke went to work for Trek in 1990.
In an interview with The ProgressiveBurke herself said she started working for Trek... in 1990.
I’m really proud of Trek’s record for the Wisconsin economy. Trek employs more than 1,000 people in the state. Its payroll has more than doubled over the last twenty years. And on top of that, they buy goods and services in excess of $40 million from Wisconsin companies. So that means even more jobs.
I think that’s something that is not always talked about.
The other thing is that Trek is the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the United States. And the work that I did when I led the international division in 1990 to 1993 was selling Wisconsin products overseas, and that did create jobs here in Wisconsin. That’s something we have to understand. Opportunities for Wisconsin companies to grow their businesses, whether it’s selling their goods and services in other states or whether it’s outside of the country, we should be helping support this.
Is it still a typo when Burke herself says it?
How come Mary Burke never mentions this New York firm?
The local mainstream media has thoroughly combed through every inch of Gov. Walker's life. PolitiFact recently dedicated thousands of words and untold man hours to determine what exactly Scott Walker did in college. 
Will the mainstream media be quick to accept the "errors" and "typos" in Burke's resume and biography?
Are there more discrepancies other than just her start date at her father's company?