First, let me say I really don’t know who John Rebstock is, other than that he is a liberal that group emails conservative talk show hosts (including me and some of the national shows), writers and groups from around the country on a semi-regular basis, spouting predictable liberal mantra. He goes largely ignored. 

Occasionally, one of us on this email group feels like responding. 

Last week it was my turn and it turned to be worth every email in the thread. Rebstock exposed the liberal hypocrisy behind the Phil Robertson outrage. I should also point out that I don’t agree with everything Robertson said, but A&E likely was fully aware of his belief system and I consider their response disingenuous. That said, here are the highlights:

Rebstock: Phil Robertson has the right to express his Christian beliefs - except for the fact they are NOT Christian.... and A&E has the right to fire his sorry ass for promoting hate & bigotry.

Bader: Phil Robertson and the Pope believe the same thing about homosexuality. One is fired, the other is Time's Person of the Year...Hmmmmm

Rebstock: Pope Francis does not promote hate and bigotry against gays and lesbians by comparing homosexuality to bestiality.

We digress for a while and then get back to this train of thought:

Bader: does Pope Francis think homosexuality is less of a sin than bestiality?

Rebstock: Pope Francis does not insult gays and lesbians by insulting their lifestyle with barbaric comparisons.

Bader: That's nice; now try answering the question. Does Pope Francis consider bestiality a lesser sin than homosexuality?

Rebstock: The pope's public comments do not render homosexuality a mortal sin - in my opinion. I don't really care what the pope thinks of gays and lesbians - but people in the tea party mob seem to care about phil Robertson's opinion of gays & lesbians.

Bader: I can tell you that he considers homosexuality and bestiality both sins. That being the case, how does his belief system differ from Robertsons? I'm not talking about his public comments. I'm talking about general belief system. What's different?

Bader: The reality is John, the Pope's belief system Robertson's belief system on homosexuality are identical. Robertson was simply crude in describing this belief system. He didn't say he hated gays, or any harm should come to gays. My belief system is what two or more people do in the privacy of their own home is their business. I'm not sure Phil Robertson would disagree with that...If you cast judgment without suggesting the action should any way be banned, is that hatred John?

Rebstock: If u cast judgment without suggesting the action should he banned - that is hatred. If u cast judgment with suggesting the action should be banned - that is hatred. Robertson did the first one. Pope Francis has done neither.

Bader: So, then you hate Phil Robertson?

Rebstock: I disagree with him about his reasons for hating gay people and I think he is a disgrace to America - I have never met him, and he has never done anything to me - so I don't know if 'hate' is the correct word.

Bader: Using your definition John, hate is EXACTLY the right word.

Rebstock: Ok - I hate Phil Robertson - just as Phil hates all gay people. What's your point?


"So what’s your point?" Priceless.

 Ah, a long thread, but worth the wait. Of course, Robertson’s words in no way offer proof "he hates all gay people." But as a Madison news anchor had previously proven, the left cannot help but reveal their own bigotry and hatred, especially when pressed, as Rebstock was here. Perhaps we should engage John more often.