So, for organized labor, this is what they call a victory.
As previously reported there is a move afoot to sabotage the online ranking of Governor Scott Walker's book: Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge. 
Even a cursory glance at the reviews that give the book one star show that the vast majority of these reviewers haven't even read the book (any book?) and are merely letting their personal animus of Governor Walker spill out as a book 'review.'
Has Scott Walker so divided Wisconsin that an organic groundswell of opposition rises up at his every move?
Of course not.
Like most of the protests against Walker, this book review charade was not organic, was not spontaneous and can be traced back to Big Labor. In this instance, AFSCME.
On November 24th AFSCME took their campaign public and posted this on their facebook page.
That page has 83,000 followers. Some of them immediately descended upon, as instructed, and left the lowest reviews possible in an orchestrated attempt to drive down the overall rating of Walker's book.
That effort was successful.
So, congratulations Big Labor, you and your minions were able to launch a successful cyber attack against Walker's book reviews at
Oh, meanwhile, Act 10 is still in place.
And it's working.
I'll take that trade off. There is no doubt that Scott Walker will as well.
He probably also appreciates you drumming up interest for his book.
This whole sorry episode epitomizes public employee labor union leadership. Confusing motion with progress. Making a lot of noise, but in the end, not accomplishing a thing.