More than a month, and nothing to show for it.
37 days into Obamacare and the City of Milwaukee Health Department has not completed a single enrollment in the Affordable Care Act health insurance exchange.
"We have not completed an enrollment," said Sarah DeRoo a spokeswoman for the Health Department. "We have been able to get clients to the point where they see what plans are available to them, but the clients have opted to take that information and weigh their options, costs, etc and return to us if they need assistance in completing their enrollment."
What the Health Department is doing is assisting a number of clients weekly who are requesting help. "The Milwaukee Health Department continues to see about 40 to 50 clients weekly in our clinics of enrollment assistance," said DeRoo. "We get about 20-30 phone calls per week with questions."
DeRoo emphasizes that the City of Milwaukee is not tracking total enrollments citywide in the health exchange but only their own numbers.
On Tuesday, RightWisconsin followed up with the Progressive Community Health Clinic in Milwaukee and found that in their first month they had completed enrollments in the exchange of just 4 individuals. The clinic was profiled by CNN in October after failing to enroll a single person in the exchanges after 3 weeks. 
On Wednesday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius admitted that enrollment numbers for the Obmacare exchanges would be low.
These anecdotes from Milwaukee confirm this.