RightWisconsin.com is proud to announce former Wisconsin Lt. Governor Margaret Farrow as the winner of the first annual Margaret Thatcher Award.  The award honors her contributions, courage, and leadership as one of Wisconsin’s Iron Ladies. The award, named after the late British Prime Minister, will be presented at the Right Women Awards Dinner, a formal black tie event,  that will be held on Friday, October 18, 2013 at the Pfister Hotel, Milwaukee. 



The Honorary Chair of the Dinner is Wisconsin First Lady Tonette Walker.

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and 620 WTMJ midday host Charlie Sykes will host the Awards Event.   Lt. Governor Kleefisch has also chaired the award selections committee, which features a cross-section of prominent conservative women. Sykes also is editor-in-chief of RightWisconsin.com.

"Margaret Farrow epitomizes class, toughness, and principle," said Sykes. "She's never shied away from a fight and has been at the center of every important battle conservatives have waged over the last several decades. She has been a leader, a role model, and an outspoken champion of the free market when it wasn't fashionable. She's the perfect inaugural winner of this award."

Prior to being appointed lieutenant governor, Farrow was president of the Elm Grove Village Board. After her term with the Village Board, Farrow was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly, and later the Wisconsin State Senate. She is chairman of the board of directors of WisconsinEye and was recently named by Governor Scott walker to sit on the UW Board of regents.

The winners of three additional Right Women Awards – the Innovator Award, The Trailblazer Award, and the iron Lady Award, will be announced  during the Right Women Awards Dinner. The finalists for those awards will be announced Thursday morning.

"I am grateful to the Right Women Committee for choosing such tremendous nominees to reflect the best of Wisconsin conservatism. The caliber of women represented is extraordinary," Kleefisch said. "I offer my deepest congratulations to the award nominees and to my friend and predecessor, Margaret Farrow, a most deserving recipient of our first ever Margaret Thatcher Award. She is a role model, a trailblazer and pillar of dignified public service. I can’t wait to see who joins her as recipients of these sought-after awards!"

From the selection committee’s nomination:

Throughout her exemplary career, Margaret Farrow  has achieved a remarkable record of public service and leadership excellence. Through decades of elected leadership at local, regional and state levels, Margaret Farrow has succeeded in achieving positive outcomes without compromising her convictions or her commitments. At the intersection of public policy and partisan politics, she has resisted the temptation to elevate political gain and personal ambition above the best interests of taxpayers and the public. That is who she is: honest, hard-working, collaborative, respectful, compassionate, determined and, of course, a conservative from this great state.

Margaret Farrow is an outcomes-oriented, savvy leader who cares deeply about the future vitality of the state of Wisconsin: That is why 14 years ago, Margaret co-chaired a statewide study examining a decline in citizen interest and participation in state government and civic activity. On the heels of that report, the nation’s first privately funded state-level public affairs television network, WisconsinEye, was created. Margaret was a founding board member and remains involved in a leadership way as the current chairperson and champion of this important initiative.

She is not slowing down: Just recently, Margaret accepted Governor Scott Walker’s urging to accept his nomination to the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents. Margaret understands the global economic forces that are creating new challenges and opportunities for our state, and the requirement that we invest smartly and responsibility in training and retaining a growing cadre of capable leaders for Wisconsin’s future.

In so many other instances: as a State Assembly member tackling tough issues of budget spending, taxation and administrative reform ; as a Senate leader building coalitions of support for legislation to lift children and families out of poverty through education and jobs -- as Lieutenant Governor providing statewide leadership on economic development and education reform; as the hands-on leader of strategic regional economic development initiatives in Southeastern Wisconsin; Margaret Farrow has been a "difference maker" for Wisconsin.

The many benefits of her commitment and service have positively impacted countless Wisconsinites through the years, and will continue to do so far into the future.

Ask Margaret why she has given so long, so freely, so completely of her time and talents and she will tell you that it is about a desire to use well -- for the greater good --her God-given talents, abilities and resources.

As conservatives in politics and public service, what we believe, and what we strive to accomplish, can sometimes result in slow-downs or road blocks when dealing with those of differing views. The key is to never lose ground, to never compromise our values or our commitment. Holding the conservative ground, and working tirelessly to advance our values, are among Margaret Farrow’s strongest and deepest qualities. By her wisdom, tenacity and the respect that she has earned, Margaret Farrow is a true champion of conservatism in Wisconsin.

Like Margaret Thatcher,  Margaret Farrow embodies the necessary leadership qualities of courage, heart and wisdom.

Of Margaret Thatcher, it has been written that she possessed a resilience that commanded the respect of her colleagues and the gratitude of women and men across the world. She led with courage, will and iron that was rooted in an unwavering commitment to public service.

Because those words also describe the life and career of Margaret, we are proud to name her the recipient of the inaugural Margaret Thatcher Award.