As I reported on the air Monday, First Lady Michelle Obama plans to descend on Watertown Thursday to tout the extraordinary benefits of… wait for it… drinking water.


AP’s Scott Bauer tweets:

"Watertown Mayor John David says Michelle Obama is coming there to promote drinking water because city has word "water" in its name."

Full. Face. Palm.

Is it possible that this clever knee-slapper came from the same idea factory that’s cooking up our Syrian policy and implementing Obamacare? 

The event is closed to the general public, but students at Watertown High will serve as props for the star-studded photo-op. Michelle will be joined by Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria as she launches a new initiative that  "will bring together leaders from industry, entertainment, media and government around the simple message that water is one of the best and easiest choices every one of us can make every day."

So, while her husband sells war, she pushes Perrier. 

A friend texts: 

So Michelle is coming to Wisconsin to encourage kids to drink more water.. .this is her cause? Not education?

There was just another co-sleeping death in Milwaukee, but the liberals want white kids in Watertown to drink more water.

Yeah, priorities.

Another listener notes that Watertown is home to two big soda bottlers: Wispak (Pepsi) and 7-UP. 

"I’m sure they are thrilled with her visit here to tell people not to drink their product."