We’re sure he had something more important to do. Something more urgent, weighty, and compelling. Something that had to take precedence over actually showing up at a court hearing for his third OWI charge… a charge that could land him in jail for a year. 
Known for his vicious, often borderline unhinged personal attacks on conservatives, former Dem Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski was a no-show Thursday when he had what was supposed to be his day in court. WITI reports:
MILWAUKEE (WITI) – 40-year-old Graeme Zielinski, the former spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin was a no show for a court appearance on Thursday, September 5th in Jefferson County.
Zielinski has been charged in connection with his third OWI offense.
According to the criminal complaint in the case, Zielinski was pulled over on Sunday evening, June 2nd in the Town of Lake Mills.
Zielinski has been charged with OWI – third offense and operating with prohibited alcohol concentration – third offense.
The judge was not amused by Zielinski’s disappearing act.
In court on Thursday, Zielinski’s lawyer appeared, and a judge said Zielinski needs to show up for all future court dates, and set a November trial date.

Zileinski did find the time, however, to go on Sly Sylvester’s radio show this afternoon to talk about his obsession with Scott Walker. Earlier today he tweeted:

(You'll recall that Zielinski was removed from his public role after he went on the same twitter account to compare Walker to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.)
Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Jr, a Democrat,  points out what should be, more or less, obvious about Zielinski's decision to hide out today:
This is a crime he has been charged with, he has to show.  That coward.  He didn't want to face the media.
The judge should have issued a bench warrant.  This whole thing is amazing.