Katie Kloth, the Stevens Point woman charged in the eco terror attack on mining workers in Northern Wisconsin, plead not guilty in her initial court appearance this morning.

RightWisconsin has obtained the criminal complaint against Kloth, which details the June 11th attack.

After reading this complaint, and the visual evidence we've seen, it is clear to me GTac was absolutely justified in hiring armed security for their employees.

Kloth was charged with four counts and released on a signature bond.
  • Robbery With Use of Force (Felony)
  • Misdemeanor Theft- Party to a Crime
  • Criminal Damage to Property (Misdemeanor)
  • Criminal Damage to Property - Party to a Crime
Some excerpts from the complaint:
"The officers opened the gate and began to drive to the site. On the way into the site, they encountered approximately 20 separate barricades put in the logging road. It appeared to Lt. Samardich that this was an attempt to slow law enforcement's response time. The barricades consisted of boulders and tree limbs which were placed in their path and had to be removed. This slowed their response time substantially..."
"The group of 15-20 climbed all over the drilling equipment and began throwing shovels and other equipment around, including fire extinguishers."
"Well, the one thing that made me feel most threatened I guess, the point that really scared me was when the other woman that did not have a mask and she was younger. Um, she was going around videotaping with a small camera and Katie Kloth said to her that she was reading out license plate numbers and had a recorder aimed at my license while she read the numbers and she did the same thing to the names on our hard hats.... She said we were trespassing several times, that it's her land, it's her backyard and we "just need to get the f#$% out"..... but the threat that had me most afraid which I need to go back to is recording our license plate numbers and our names and saying to us at that time and not just saying, but screaming, "I'll find out where you live, you f#$%ing stupid pieces of shit and I'll burn your houses down. I hope you all go home and commit suicide tonight. Oh you're just so f#$%king stupid." I was actually petrified."
"We'll be back and there will be more of us."
"If there weren't Police Officers coming, I'd F#$%&^ kill you!"
Here is video from the protester's themselves, which show some of the attack depicted in the complaint.