Protesters who attacked the test drilling site for a potential Northern Wisconsin mine have posted video of their assault on line. In the video, masked attackers are seen physically assaulting a female Gogebic Taconite employee and stealing private property.

The June 11 attack prompted GTac to hire armed security guards.

Not only were the attackers violent, they clearly did not fear the police's ability to respond. They threatened an escalation of hostilities.

"Go ahead, call the cops, see what happens."

"They're going to f@%*ing destroy you. Just wait!"

"Get on the other side or die!"

"You're not going to get anything done with us here!"

"You think this is scary, you just f@%*ing wait!"

"You think there isn't more people coming?"

 The video posting also shows a link with the supposedly peaceful LCO Harvest Camp.


Is there any question why GTac hired armed security guards to protect their personnel from future attacks?