This is a great budget for the hard working taxpayers of Wisconsin.  It is a budget that any conservative should be proud to support.  Here are ten reasons that this is a good budget for conservatives:


1) The new budget provides nearly $1 billion worth of tax relief—including an income tax cut reducing all rates, shrinking the number of rates, and reforming the tax code.

2) The new budget continues to provide property tax relief by limiting levy increases—and by limiting the ability of local governments to shift levy costs off onto new fees.

3) The new budget expands school choice statewide, strengthens the current system, and provides a tax deduction for families who send their kids to private schools.

4) The new budget assists home school parents.

5) The new budget freezes tuition at all University of Wisconsin campuses for the next two years.

6) The new budget keeps local governments from enacting "nanny state" requirements on citizens regarding size of soda and food, like they've done in New York City.

7) The new budget protects individual rights by prohibiting residency requirements that have nothing to do with an employee's work requirements.

8) The new budget  protects utility ratepayers from picking up the costs of the proposed trolley in the City of Milwaukee.

9) The new budget reforms entitlements like unemployment benefits, food stamps and Medicaid, so people can transition from government dependence to true independence.

10) The new budget affirms my position that we will not take the Medicaid expansion under Obamacare.

Walker is the Governor of the State of Wisconsin.