Well, thanks for the clarification. They really, really despise you benighted redneck bigots.

In today's editorial, the Journal-Sentinel editorial board says there is no legitimate, honest, or principled basis for Photo IDs for voting. Proposals for the IDs have nothing to do with voter fraud, they write, since fraud is "so sparse as to be non-existent." [Emphasis added.]
So support for IDs is "nefarious" and a "fraud" because their only intent is to "limit voting to the benefit of one political party." Actually, it's also racist because IDs are really intended to "tamp down the vote minority communities." 
Read the whole thing in context:
Even in a good government Northern state such as Wisconsin, there have been nefarious attempts to limit voting to the benefit of one political party. Voter ID laws here and elsewhere are intended to tamp down the vote in minority communities — not to eradicate voter fraud, which is so sparse as to be non-existent. The real fraud is the logic behind these laws.

In other words: Shut up, they explained.

If you'd like to the editors to explain the language they used, feel free to contact them:
"Marty Kaiser" <mkaiser@jrn.com>, "David Haynes" <dhaynes@jrn.com>