BREAKING News from Madison
A day after reported that a Walker appointee to the UW Board of Regents had signed a recall petition, sources say the administration will be asking the State Senate to withdraw the nomination.
On Monday, Walker appointed UW-Platteville student Joshua Inglett as a student representative to the board. On Wednesday, we reported that a "Josh Inglett" of Portage had signed a Walker recall petition on December 26, 2011.
Administration officials confirmed that it was indeed Inglett’s signature on the recall petition.
Administration aides say they did interview and vet Inglett, who they say expressed support for Walker and his agenda. He did not volunteer the fact that he had signed the petition to recall the governor.
Sources say Walker aides ran his name through the online database of recall signatories. His name did not appear, possibly because it was misspelled by the volunteer who entered the data from recall petitions. His signatures does, however appear on a website run by "Put Wisconsin First."
Inglett was one of three appointees to the Board of Regents announced on Monday, June 10. The appointment was on the fast track for approval--a public hearing before the Senate Committee on Universities and Technical Colleges was held on Wednesday.  RightWisconsin reported on Inglett's signature after the conclusion of the hearing. A Committee vote on Inglett's nomination was expected today. That vote will likely be postponed at the request of the Walker Administration.
Walker Administration sources say that Inglett's nomination to the Board of Regents will be withdrawn not solely because he signed the petition to recall Walker (I'm told Walker appointees to other positions have signed the petition) but also because "he was not forthcoming."
We will update this story, including reactions from Walker and others, throughout the day.