On May 7, a group of around 40 demonstrators occupied and shut down the Palermo's Pizza stand in the student union at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Several demonstrators leapt over the front counter and had access to the kitchen.
The spoiled food was later destroyed. A University official said it was basically contaminated.
The disturbance at the Palermo's stand at UW-Milwaukee is part of a year long assault on the company by the fringe immigrants rights group Voces de la Frontera.
The entire embarrassing affair was capped off by Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Jim Hill capitulating to the radicals and shutting down the stand after demonstrators got behind the counter, officially contaminating the food.
Univeristy records obtained by RightWisconsin indicate that the UW-Milwaukee Police Department made no arrests over the incident, despite the violation of the law and destruction of property.
An incident report obtained through an open records request shows that  ten UW-Milwaukee police officers were dispatched to the student union in response to the protest at Palermo's.
According to the UW-Milwaukee Police Department website, the entire force consists of just 43 officers in total. Assuming that, at most, a third of the force is on for any one shift, more than seventy percent  of the on-duty force was dispatched to the incident.
But the incident report shows that no arrests were made. Not even one citation was issued.  
The incident is reminiscent of last week's Voces de la Frontera demonstration in downtown Milwaukee where protesters staged a sit-in in the middle of a downtown Milwaukee street during rush hour. The Milwaukee Police Department made no arrests and issued no citations.
If you're a lefty in Milwaukee, apparently the laws do not apply to you. No matter how many police officers are dispatched.