We'll leave it to others to speculate on the many possible "journalists" in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel newsroom who could have written this note to media watchdog Jim Romenesko. Suffice it to say that suspects are legion, given the groupthink in that newsroom. 

Whoever the author, the email makes no attempt to conceal the writer's bias against conservatives and, of course, the dreaded Fox News.

Leaving aside the diversity rant, we were struck by the notion in the JS newsroom that their new "Breaking News Editor" (whatever that means) does not come from a "legitimate news organization." Note to JS staffers: you might want to compare Fox ratings to your circulation.

And finally, we extend our hearty welcome and very best wishes to Mr. Paulsen, who we hope will be watching his back.


"For a newspaper that used to pride itself on diversity, there is some very troubling news this morning from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newsroom — and many of the women in the trenches are upset by it," writes a Romenesko reader. "A new editor on the news side has been named, and once again it is white male. That means there still are NO WOMEN editors helping to determine news content at the paper."

Here’s the memo that went out this morning:

We are pleased to announce that David Paulsen will be joining us next week as Breaking News Editor.
For the last five years David has run the evening and overnight operation at FoxNews.com in New York. At Fox he was in charge of a team very much like our Newshub, shaping its urgent response to national and international breaking news. He had responsibilities over story assigning and editing as well as production and news placement on the site.

Prior to his time at Fox, he was a reporter and editor at the Wausau Daily Herald and a reporter at the Poughkeepsie (N.Y.) Journal.

David, his wife Liz and their three boys (all under the age of 4) will be moving to the Milwaukee area in June. David plans to start here on May 20.

My emailer continues: "Many other people — male and female — are talking among themselves because this guy is from Fox News. Most of us can’t figure out why a guy who doesn’t work for a legitimate news organization would be hired as Breaking News Editor. Many of us fear Paulsen’s hiring is a further sign of the newspaper’s pandering to the right. It endorsed Scott Walker repeatedly and has treated Paul Ryan as a Golden Boy. But that’s another issue entirely.

"Please respect my request to remain anonymous. Not long ago a memo went out that we were not to communicate with Romenesko." (Others in that newsroom, where I started my newspaper career, have told me about the edict.)