On yesterday’s show, I commented on the heavy-breathing letter signed by a litany of liberal women, demanding that talk show host Mark Belling apologize for indirectly calling the chairwoman of the Milwaukee County Board, Marina Dimitrijevic  a "bitch." 

The letter, which was signed by a Who’s Who of Democrat politics (and apparently organized by Dimitrijevic herself), breathed high indignation:

The rhetoric is poisonous; enough is enough. When anyone attacks a female leader with comments related to her gender and not on the merits of the discussion, it is vital for our entire community that this behavior is addressed and changed.

While disagreement and discussion on policy is helpful, resorting to name-calling of female leaders as a way to discount their credibility is unacceptable and poisonous to the political discourse. One of the factors that may keep women from running for and seeking leadership positions is the attacks they receive not because of disagreement but because they are women. We need to encourage healthy debate and discourage attacks on the gender of our leaders."

To the unwary or those with short memories, this would suggest that the signers were genuinely concerned about standards of discourse and about rhetoric that attacked and demeaned women. 
In fact, it was a monument to liberal hypocrisy. As Dan Bice reported [in a section of his story that has apparently been removed by his editors]:

Conservative radio host Charlie Sykes came to Belling's defense on Tuesday morning, noting that many of those criticizing Belling said nothing when liberal talker Sly Sylvester mocked Republican Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch's battle with cancer and suggested she performed sex acts on Milwaukee radio hosts. 

Actually, I didn’t say "many." I said that as far as I knew "not one" of the women who signed the letter had ever said a word about the attacks on Kleefisch, who by any standard is a "female leader," albeit a conservative one.

Let’s review again what Sly said about Kleefisch that elicited the absolute non-response from the anti-Belling signators. Sly went far beyond the use of a single word, in fact he not only mocked her sexually, made fun of her fight against cancer, he also brought her children into his rant. 

"I'm Rebecca Kleefisch. I perform fellatio on all the talk show hosts in Milwaukee. … I got colon cancer and I ran around the state [garbled] people."

"I had heard at one point that Rebecca Kleefisch pulled a train (having sex with several men one after another) but that must've been a different story I was reading about."

"Let me tell you something about these Barbies the Republicans trot out the Rebecca Kleefisch's…"
"I hope your husband is sleeping with your best friend."

Sly wasn’t done yet. He went on to mock former State rep. Michelle Litjen's children.

"I love it that your kids have actually have to hear about what evil things you're doing. I hope they have to hear it every day. And I hope they come home right to you. And just because you’re good looking -- and she is -- and just 'cuz you’re cutes and I'm sure you got a precocious little daughter you put in little Jon Benet contests, and I'm sure you have a little jock son, and they come home and say 'Mommy, they’re saying you’re a witch.' You are a witch!"

In response to this assault: the Silence of the Liberals. Not a word from the women who signed the letter indignantly objecting to belling’s use of the b-word.

Schultz, who organized the letter criticizing Belling, said Sykes made a good point.

"I'm equally upset at Sly's comments," Schultz said. "I wasn't aware of this example you mention and was not at 9 to 5 at that time. An attack on Lt. Gov. Kleefisch is an attack on all women and equally diminishes the political dialogue no matter which side of the aisle."

Nice. But late. And weak.

What about the rest of the women who signed the letter? What was their excuse for looking the other way? What about Kathleen Falk, who embraced Sly's support in her failed bid for governor? Where was her defense of women back then?

Here, by the way, is the list of the liberals who signed the letter demanding that belling apologize (which he did in his own fashion Tuesday):

Alexis Anderson-Reed
Pamela Anderson
Carousel Bayrd
Shiva Bidar-Sielaff
Stephanie Bloomingdale
Jacqueline Boynton
Christine Bremer Muggli
Ellen Bravo
Sheila Cochran 
Alderwoman Milele Coggs
Lori Compas
Supervisor Sharon Corrigan
Dorothy Dean
Lashell Drake
Jenni Dye
Alder Sue Ellingson
Jennifer Epps-Addison
Kathleen Falk
Jessica King
School Board Director Meagan Holman
Tara Johnson 
Julilly Kohler
Peg Lautenschlager
Barbara Lawton
Ellen Lindgren
Teresa Mambu Rasch
Jennifer Morales
Melissa Mulliken 
Nancy Nusbaum
Bethany Ordaz
Candice Owley
Marjorie Passman
Supervisor Peggy Romo West
Dana Schultz
Wendy Strout
Annie Wacker

If a single one of those women ever uttered a single public comment on Sly’s attack, I will stand corrected. 

If not, they are hypocrites of the flaming feminist variety.