Judge Wolfgram signed the Governor Walker recall petition.  With due respect for his position and his inner circle of courthouse supporters -- please, recall this:  Chaos.

Remember those Democratic lawmakers upending their oath to uphold the Constitution by fleeing to Illinois? Do you recall our children abandoned in classrooms while some teachers received fake doctors excuses; the "shame shame shame," childish tantrums and sometimes violent behavior by a nationally aided mob in our great State Capitol? 

And, what of the 14 million in taxpayer dollars wasted because a vocal minority disagreed with Act 10? 

I understand "politics aint bean ball," and while I sincerely wish Tom Wolfgram well, it is fair to question the judgment of a judge who signs such a recall in the midst of the chaos.  Just as it is right to assume certain things about my politics as an ardent supporter of our Governor, it is not a stretch to wonder about a sitting judges’ views after he took such a blatantly political and public action.

Fortunately Ozaukee, we have a choice. Joe Voiland brings a wealth of experience ranging from our federal court system to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Further, Joe is a Navy veteran, a dedicated father, youth sports coach, a member of St Joseph’s church and a humble, active community servant.

Politics can be uncomfortable, especially in communities where friendships run deep. There is no joy for me in penning this letter. Yet, we are called to a government of, by and for the people. When our leaders take public, political action, and fail to offer a reasonable explanation it becomes necessary to hold them accountable. Please, vote your conscience on April 2nd. Vote for integrity, experience, fairness and a straightforward, non-partisan, Constitutional approach to the judiciary. Joe Voiland is the right choice. 

Joe Dean is an Ozaukee County Supervisor and Alderman in Port Washington