According to the Racine Journal Times, the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Service Department will be distributing free Milwaukee Brewers tickets on Tuesday at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center in Racine for an April 3 game. The King Community Center is also home to Wards 17 and 18 in District 8 of the City of Racine. 
And Tuesday just so happens to be Election Day for a very important seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. But also on the ballot are three seats on the Racine Unified School Board. And liberal school board candidate Michael Frontier, a candidate on the ballot on Tuesday who brags on his campaign site about gathering Walker recall signatures, also serves as a Board Member of the Racine Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department.
Giving away free Brewers tickets sure would be a novel way to drive up the turnout in a reliably liberal area.
The two wards lean overwhelmingly liberal. Ward 17 in Racine went 85% for Barack Obama in 2012 and 83% for Tom Barrett during the 2012 recall. Barack Obama won a whopping 95% in Ward 18 and Tom Barrett earned 93% in the recall.
The King Community Center came under scrutiny in 2012 during the recall election when a mural of President Obama was featured prominently in the voting area. And a number of wards in Racine were the scene of many curious and suspicious events during the 2012 recall election.