But on Thursday evening, Milwaukee County prosecutors charged 10 individuals with a range of voter fraud crimes that included double voting, felon voting, and recall signature fraud.
Leonard Keith Brown, 55, was charged with voting more than once and providing false information to election officials. Brown is alleged to have voted in both the City of Milwaukee and the Village of West Milwaukee. Over three weeks ago, RightWisconsin broke the news that Brown was arrested on February 14 on suspicion of voting twice.
If convicted, Brown faces up to 24 1/2 years in prison and $70,000 in fines.
According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, others facing charges include:
  • Chad Gigowski, 27, is charged with voting in the November election in Greenfield and in Milwaukee, providing false information to a Greenfield election official and registering in more than one place.
  • Andrew L. Shepherd, 32, is charged with a felony for falsely telling Milwaukee officials he had no felony record when applying to get hired as a special voter registration deputy in 2012. Shepherd has two felony drug convictions and a third conviction for recklessly endangering safety.
  • Brittany M. Rainey, 23, was charged with lying about her past as a felon to vote in last November's elections. She was convicted of child neglect in 2010 and now faces a felony voter fraud count. She faces up to seven years in a prison and $20,000 in fines.
  • Caitlin B. Haycock, 24, is charged with a misdemeanor for signing her name and both her parents' names to a Walker recall petition on Nov 15, 2011. Haycock said she told the petition circulator she wanted to sign for her parents, retired teachers who were then out of the country, according to a complaint.
  • Deborah A. Mehling is charged with a civil violation for signing a petition sheet as circulator even though her daughter had collected one of the signatures. Mehling faces a fine of up to $200.
  • Brian A. Uecker lived in Greenfield but in November voted in a ward in that city where he once resided but no longer lived.
  • Fozia H. Nawaz of Milwaukee voted in November in Greenfield, telling investigators she did so because it was easier.
  • Bill A. Di Giorgio of Germantown was charged with voting illegally in Milwaukee in November.

In addition to the 10 charged on Thursday, Milwaukee prosecutors have been investigating another case involving an SEIU organizer who voted using a hotel address in 2011, and then left the state. Media Trackers first uncovered the hotel voter, and have tracked subsequent subpoenas and search warrants in that case, some filed as recently as December 2012.


Ultimately, the voter fraud charges in Milwaukee County underscore the importance of Voter ID legislation, keeping the poll lists updated in accordance with current law and other reforms meant to ensure election integrity.
For years now, liberals have chided "where is the fraud?" 
Here are just the latest examples.