This article's headline slights the Madison-based news and opinion outlet. For The Capital Times has been doing mean-spirited a lot longer and with bile more highly distilled than the demoted spokesmouth for the state Democratic Party.

Few voices this side of Graeme Zielinski are as consistently partisan, or more over the top, than Wisconsin’s self-described progressive voice. Take, for example, The Times’ most recent in-kind contributiont to the campaign of State Supreme Court candidate Ed Fallone. (As Henny Youngman would say, "please.") It comes in the form of a hit job on the incumbent, Justice Patience Roggensack.

The Capital Times was always willing to do their favored candidates’ dirty work. Herewith is the bucket of mud it threw up against the wall Tuesday under the headline: "Justice Roggensack’s false endorsements:"

Responsible judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officials are balking at Roggensack’s partisanship, and her heavy-handed tactics.

What grievous offense has the veteran jurist committed? How has the Justice traduced the canons of law? Get ready to be underwhelmed. The bill of indictment consists of two supposed instances of mistaken endorsements. (But it names only one.) And that’s it! No slush funds. No hashish pipe. No Brazilian lover. Just a clerical error at most.

To understand what is afoot here, it helps to understand The Capital Times’ glossary of terms. To Dane County’s voice of progressivism, "responsible" is defined as someone who supports its deep-dark blue court candidate, Ed Fallone.

So let’s do a comparison, shall we:


Endorsements (responsible and otherwise)

includes retired and former



Supreme Court justices



Appellate judges








District attorneys










Hey guys, you buried your lede! The real story is there are only 20 "responsible" law enforcement officers in all of Wisconsin! I got to think even the true believers must roll their eyes at this kind of hyperbole:

Unfortunately — as [Roggensack’s] record well illustrates — the justice doesn’t pay attention to members of the legal community who actually respect the rule of law and judicial ethics.

What?! Is The Capital Times saying that retired Supreme Court Justices William Callow and Louis Ceci don’t respect the rule of law? Because they endorse Roggensack.

Do they really mean that Appeals Court Judges Charles Dykman, Patricia Curley, and Joan Kessler are unethical? Because they endorse Roggensack.

Are 120 circuit court judges (not including the one named in the editorial) supporting "heavy-handed tactics"? Because they endorse Roggensack.

Are the district attorneys of Brown, Dodge, Grant, Green, Marathon, Iron, and Racine Counties "balking at her partisanship." Because they endorse Roggensack.

Are the sheriffs of Adams, Bayfield, Eau Claire, Sauk, Winnebago, and Kenosha Counties "irresponsible." Guess who they endorse. (See Roggensack’s endorsers for yourself.)

Here’s Fallone’s backers. You’ll notice lots of Democrat politicians, Madison Teachers Inc., AFSCME, and outfits like Palermo’s Pizza blackmailer Voces de la Frontera. But an embarrassingly small smattering of prosecutors, judges, or sheriffs.

Folks, you want partisanship and heavy handed tactics — after all, Graeme Zielinski had his fans — The Capital Times is your can of spray paint. It long ago gave up on the persuasive powers of facts and logic in favor of blaring one of organized labor’s loudest bullhorns. (Quite a feat for a company that is, itself, non-union.)

"Justice Roggensack’s false endorsements" is only the latest evidence of the Left’s desperation. The Siege of the Capitol, that great temper tantrum of two years ago, did nothing but run up police overtime costs. The recall of Scott Walker not only failed but made him a political rock star nationally. The State Senate is once again 18-15 Republican. The Milwaukee John Doe dashed the Left’s fond hopes that Walker would be indicted.

Nothing has gone their way. Elected school boards are taking control of their school districts and saving money. Teachers are teaching, state government is working, pay and benefits remain the envy of workers everywhere. Local property taxes declined for the first time since 1998. The state’s finances are balanced; the rainy day fund replenished, income tax cuts are on the way.

Ed Fallone is the Progs last hope. The Marquette law prof would be the fourth and decisive vote on the high court to derail Act 10, Governor Walker’s reform of public sector collective bargaining. He won’t tell you that; I just did.

Raised on a farm near Sun Prairie, David Blaska is a recovering liberal who spent 18 years working for daily newspapers, including 12 at The Capital Times; if you can believe it. He served Gov. Tommy Thompson as acting press secretary in 1998 and is a veteran and survivor of 19 years in state government. He served 12 years on the Dane County Board of Supervisors.