My old alma mater, The Capital Times, often exceeds even the troubled Graeme Zielinski in its partisan animus toward Scott Walker. That the governor defied the will of the Solidarity Singers by winning re-election less than two years after first being elected is a Democrat(ic) disaster of Super Storm Sandy proportions. (Or Chris Christie proportions, for that matter.)

As a result, women are dying like mayflies in June, our schools have become Furniture Liquidators, Inc.showrooms, hordes of homeless wander our state like Moses in the desert, an dour streams run black with sewage — and not just on the Bad River Chippewa lands. Worse, the Kochs have adopted a third brother, named him Scott, and moved him into the governor’s mansion.

In its desperation, good Progs are looking for someone, anyone, to take on Walker in 2014. Personally, I can’t wait to hear MSNBC’s Mr. Ed sputter, live from Monona Terrace, as he did June 5last. ("I can’t believe it!") (Bonus: Comrade John Nichols, momentarily speechless.)

The Democrats’ house polling shop,Public Policy Polling, recently put up six names in a hypothetical cage match against Gov. Walker. Alas, its survey finds that only one of them might beat Walker. The poll has Feingoid ahead of Walker by a mere 2 points: 49-47 — within the margin of error. Remember, it’s a partisan poll, where wish is often father to the thought.

What really caught my eye in The Capital Times reportage was the accompanying photo of Feingold, who famously skipped the Walker recall election last year to lecture liberal law at Marquette University. You tell me: Michael Corleone in Godfather3 and Russ Feingold —separated at birth?

Which suggests that film’s most famous tag line. Can’t you hear Russ bemoaning, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"

The Godfather movies have always been among the best commentaries of politics. Certainly, better than anything starring Robert Redford.

Who can argue with: "Politics and crime — they're the same thing." That is what Michael Corleone told his father’s beloved, old Sicilian business partner, Tommasino. Just ask Jesse Jackson Jr.!

Certainly, the traitorous "family"friend, Don Altobello (don’t eat the cannoli!), was correct when he told Michael’s nephew and heir, Vincent Corleone, that "The richest man is the one with the most powerful friends."

Tell that to Tom Barrett.

Sorely in need of a boost, Barrett received only a presidential Tweet from President Obama in last year’s recall election. Oh, and the President may have dipped the wings of Air Force One as he flew over Wisconsin between presidential campaign fundraisers in Chicago and Minneapolis.

However, the PPP poll suggests Feingold bide his time to make another try at Ron Johnson in 2016. Indeed,"politics is knowing when to pull the trigger," the conspiratorial Don Lucchesi told Vincent.

As for Feingold himself, he’s not talking. "Never let anyone know what you are thinking," Michael said to Vincent — just as his father Vito had said to Sonny. And we all know what happened to Sonny.

He did not have correct change for the tollway.


Raised on a farm near Sun Prairie, David Blaska is a recovering liberal who spent 18 years working for daily newspapers, including 12 at The Capital Times  if you can believe it. He served Gov. Tommy Thompson as acting press secretary in 1998 and is a veteran and survivor of 19 years in state government. He served 12 years on the Dane County Board of Supervisors.