Dale Schultz’s campaign to remake himself from RINO buffoon to Bipartisan Statesman took an odd twist this week, when the GOP senator took to the airwaves to accuse his colleagues of "humiliating" themselves by going on my radio show... and opposing new taxes.

Schultz used the occasion to lash at out at both conservative radio and GOP Senate Leader Scott Fitzgerald:


I think I feel pressure just like everybody but it is clear that WTMJ in Southeast Wisconsin has every legislators in that area shaking in their boots. And, um, I think that it’s humiliating when legislators have to be hauled in there and sort of have to swear allegiance. My leader had to go in and tell Charlie Sykes that, you know, we weren’t going to allow any new taxes. And that all came off a press release from Grover Norquist.


Fitzgerald, who came on my show on February 12 to announce his opposition to the so-called tonnage tax for mining, responded to  Schultz’s comments Wednesday afternoon:

"Senator Schultz’s statement is not true.  I spoke out on your program in front of a large audience to express my opposition to a tonnage tax in the mining bill because it is bad policy and goes against everything we’ve accomplished over the last two years to make Wisconsin a more attractive place to create jobs. I do not understand the motive behind Senator Schultz’s comments, but as he knows, my door is always open to discuss any concerns he might have." 

-Senator Scott Fitzgerald

In fact, as Fitzgerald’s office noted, Norquist’s press release was in response to Senator Fitzgerald’s stated opposition of a tonnage tax. "Therefore, it is untrue for Senator Schultz to assert that Grover Norquist was the reason for Senator Fitzgerald’s opposition to a tonnage tax.  As Senator Fitzgerald has stated, he opposed a tonnage tax because it is bad policy and would make Wisconsin less competitive."


 Here’s the text of the letter sent out on February 13, 2013:


"Gov. Scott Walker and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald have made it clear that they do not support new taxes. Americans for Tax Reform applauds that stance."
– Grover Norquist
Link to letter. 

There is of course an added layer of irony in Schultz’s on-air lament. His choice of venues to attack the dire influence of talk radio was problematic, at best.  His comments came on the downsized radio show hosted by John Sly Sylvester. (Sylvester was fired from his Madison radio gig and now has a show on a station in Monroe Wisconsin.)

You may recall, that Sly was the uber-lefty host who won a measure of notoriety by his mocking Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch’s cancer fight and making overt sexual slurs:

 Would you like to move to Wisconsin? Would you like to move CouponCabin to Wisconsin? I’m Rebecca Kleefisch. I perform fellatio on all the talk show hosts in Milwaukee. And they endorse me and that’s how I became lieutenant governor. And then I got colon cancer and I ran around the state to help people. Even though I have government health care, screw everyone else.’


…I had heard at one point Rebecca Kleefisch pulled a train, but that must have been a different story I was reading about.

As  Michelle Malkin noted: "Pulled a train" is vulgar slang for group gang rape.


During his appearance, Schultz fawned on Sylvester, telling him: "Sly, I think you paint a very compelling picture, one that should make any Wisconsinite stop and wonder about the health of our democracy."


At one point Sly laughed: "I don’t want to hurt your political career. I don’t want to compliment you and hurt your political career because I respect you.



Exit question: Who is the politician who humiliated himself here?