A quick look at last night's Primary Election Winners and Losers


Pat Roggensack scored a massive win last night, getting 64 percent of the vote, more than double that of her April opponent, Marquette University's Ed Fallone. Conservatives shouldn't pop the champagne just yet, however. Fallone received more votes than moonbat JoAnne Kloppenburg did in the primary two years ago, and she came within 7,000 or so votes from winning in the general less than two months later.

Adam Neylon scored an impressive win in Waukesha County last night, and is poised to become a rising star in Madison. The big endorsements went to more politically experienced opponents Jeanne Tarantino and Ed Bauman, but Neylon parlayed his Capitol connections to score a few of his own as well. Most importantly, the kid worked his tail off. His aggressive campaign paid off in what turned out to be both a blowout (of Tarantino) and a squeaker (he beat Baumann by 30 votes). Those extra ten minutes he spent on the door each day the last two weeks? Well, when you win a coveted seat by such a small margin, that extra effort makes the difference.

The Assembly’s Speaker Pro Tempore, Representative Bill Kramer not only endorsed Neylon (his former staffer) in the 98th, he worked hard on his behalf. At times, Kramer's biting wit and relaxed attitude (he doesn't take himself too seriously) is not only disarming, it makes even his supporters underestimate him. But Kramer proved once again that he is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to Waukesha County politics.

On Tuesday night,Tom Anthony enjoyed a strong showing of 46% in the three-way primary to succeed Rep. Joe Sanfelippo for the open Milwaukee County Supervisor District 17 race. Anthony earned 2,233 votes to take first in the three-way primary that included former State Rep. Anthony Staskunas. Anthony's first-place finish is a positive sign for reform in Milwaukee County.

Overall, Conservatives have a right to be cautiously optimistic as we head into the April election. Reform minded candidates won key policy making contests and judicial conservatives topped their foes in the Primary. However, the liberal third party sleaze merchants are already producing the commercials and recording the push polls. It will take an all-out effort to defeat them, again. Will conservatives rise to the occasion?


John Chisholm. His judicial candidate for Branch 45, Gil Urfer didn't finish first. He also didn't finish second. He's out of the General Election, having only garnered 11 percent to finish third in a three way Primary which saw incumbent Rebecca Bradley (60%) and Janet Protasiewicz (30%) advance.

Vince Megna, the lemon lawyer, became Vince Megna, the lemon candidate. It still is a sad commentary on the entire State of Wisconsin that this buffoon was able to get more than 22,000 citizens to cast their votes for him

Ed Fallone likely will still be able to count on the support of the third party slime merchants like We are Wisconsin and the Greater Wisconsin Committee, but he's likely to have a tough time raising money for his own campaign after failing to win half as many votes as Justice Pat Roggensack.

Ann Walsh Bradley's last minute document dump didn't work out so well, did it? Wisconsin's unhinged Supreme Court Justice can now unlock her door and go back to doing whatever else Chief Justice Abrahamson tells her.

Jeanne Tarantino. We know, ,this feels a bit like piling on, but have you ever seen a campaign implode as quickly or thoroughly... from front-runner to third place in only a few weeks. She fails to garner even 1,000 votes and limps to a third place finish with 14 percent of the vote. An we think it's unlikely she'll be offered a job anytime soon by the Walker-Kleefisch Administration.

Former State Representative Tony Staskunas couldn't finish first in a County Board Primary? Ouch.

Education reformers. Wouldn't it be nice to have had a legitimate reform-minded candidate running for State Superintendent this year?