Yesterday’s comments demonstrate - or at minimum strongly suggest -  that Justice Bradley is fundamentally unstable, at least mildly paranoid, and incapable of separating personal feelings of animosity from her public job.  

As such, you have to seriously question her ability to render impartial justice from the bench at the WI Supreme Court.   

She is so obsessed with her hatred of Justice Prosser (remember, she was the one who rushed and attacked him with fists flying in the famous "incident") that it apparently colors everything she thinks and feels about her fellow Justices, her workplace, and her job.  

Can anyone seriously believe that she is capable of objectively discussing, debating, and ruling on points of law with her fellow Justices given her paranoid and highly-partisan political screed?   I honestly think the Court should call in human resources and urge Bradley to step away for her job for a time to receive mental health treatment.

Justice Prosser is not going anywhere. He has 9 years left on his 10 year term.

If Justice Bradley cannot come to grips with this or get the necessary psychological treatment to help her deal with her anger and paranoia issues, she owes it to the people of this state to step down.

Savvy Pundit is a longtime listener to Midday with Charlie Sykes who has now brought his takes on current events to RightWisconsin.