What an astounding coincidence!

On Tuesday, left-wing Marquette law professor Ed Fallone collects the endorsements of statewide teacher unions, AFSCME, Madison Teachers Incorporated, and the Service Employees International Union, for his run against state Supreme Court Justice Patricia Roggensack.

On Wednesday, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley rolls out a repulsive screed masquerading as a legal document, claiming Justice David Prosser has a “history of abusive behavior” and denouncing Roggensack as his “enabler.”

Did we mention that next Tuesday, Roggensack faces Fallone and Milwaukee lemon lawyer Vince Megna in a primary election?

Having followed the 2011 dust-up between Prosser and Bradley when it was somewhat current, we find this week’s pre-primary ambush subtly more colorful than the original accusations.  

Not to question anyone’s veracity; we’re simply observing that the story seems to have improved over time, and with a crucial election five days away.

Bradley could have declined to sit in judgment on Prosser’s disciplinary case—and as his accuser, should have—at any time during the last year. There isn’t enough air freshener in the world to cover the stench of her picking this week to make the move.

Lurking in the wings is a Supreme Court Liberal contingent obsessed with adding one more member to flip the majority, wipe out collective bargaining reforms and the Voter ID law and throw open the doors to entrepreneurial litigation and lawmaking from the bench.  That’s where we were just a few years ago, until voters took charge.

The sliming of Roggensack will refuel the tiresome media campaign to end judicial elections and teach those annoying voters whose boss. The vileness of the Left’s strategy is proportional to the prize it seeks.