Voter fraud and potential new immigration orders

Sykes on Stephen Miller's Performance on Sunday

Right Wisconsin Editor Charlie Sykes appeared on MSNBC on Sunday to discuss White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller's claims about mass numbers of illegal immigrants voting in this country's presidential election:

I just want to know who is going to play him on SNL next week. What an extraordinary choice for the Trump Administration to push Stephen Miller out when they actually do have some credible spokesmen on this. This was a cringe worthy performance.

And you could tell that Stephen Miller has only one audience. He's playing to Donald Trump. Somebody proving that he is the loyal-est possible spokesman. But what you have there is the intersection of inexperience, incompetence and zealotry. And the fact that he is doubling down on something that is clearly just not true. Look, if there's a real problem with voter fraud, then let's address it in some coherent, competent manner. But they have basically decided to continue to push out this baseless charge, this flat-out lie, and they are doubling down on it.

Maybe it's now become the ultimate test of loyalty in the Trump Administration, who is willing to lie the most aggressively on this particular issue.

On why President Trump's administration is still talking about voter fraud three months after an election he won:

Because he's obsessed with it. We could try to come up with some sort of grand plan here. But look, here is an administration that ought to be talking about Obamacare repeal, infrastructure, tax reform, bringing jobs back, and yet on a daily basis they undermine their own agenda, they have self-inflicted wounds, they distract from it. And the only explanation I can come up with, is that Donald Trump is absolutely obsessed with the fact that he did not win the popular vote. Somebody needs to, there's needs to be some sort of adult intervention, to say, move on Mr. President, you're the President of the United States. Why are you re-litigating this? Why are you re-litigating this by telling a demonstrable lie over and over and over again, and then demanding that your staffers basically throw their credibility into the bonfire as well.

On whether the public will tire of Trump and his advisors picking fights and creating enemies:

Well, we don't know. I do think that the Trump White House believes they have fundamentally changed the paradigm of the media. They believe, basically, that the conservative media will provide them with air cover, will go on the air tomorrow and defend Stephen Miller, will continue to discredit and delegitimize independent sources of information. Because this is the only explanation for why would the White House continue to double-down and dig deeper on these particular issues - unless number one they feel immunized from the independent media, from the fact-checkers, and they feel empowered by a conservative media that is basically going to be an echo chamber for them.

On Senator Al Franken's statement that President Trump's administration are trying to make Americans feel more afraid:

Well, first of all, he's right, but please understand that Americans were afraid. This is why Donald Trump won this election because there is concern and there is legitimate concern about national security.

On the other hand, this was so badly done, this was so botched, that in fact I think it will have the opposite effect. There was a reason why President George W Bush made a distinction between Islam and radical Islam. He worked very, very hard to draw this line and now that you have the Steve Bannons and the Stephen Millers and the Donald Trumps of the world basically trying to make this conflict into a clash of civilizations, it does in fact play into the hands of people like Isis. So it is unfortunate that they have handled it as badly as they could. But again, this is central to this Administration, and for them to have botched the roll-out of this in the first three weeks was kind of an ominous sign. 


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