Rep. Mark Pocan ID'd as Sponsor Of Israel Bashing Forum

Pocan Avoiding Questions on Boycott Israel Meeting

On Monday, the MacIver Institute's M.D. Kittle, filling in for Mark Belling on WISN, interviewed Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon about his story on Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison, and his office's sponsorship of a meeting of several anti-Israel organizations on Capitol Hill. From the story:

The event, "50 Years of Israeli Military Occupation & Life for Palestinian Children," is scheduled to be held June 8 in room 122 of Capitol Hill's Cannon House Office Building, according to an invitation viewed by the Free Beacon.

One senior congressional source familiar with the situation said that Pocan should explain why he is backing the event.

"If true, Congressman Pocan should be ashamed of himself. This is the type of event you'd expect to take place in backrooms at the United Nations, but not in the halls of the United States Congress," the source said. "The hosts of this forum have only one goal: to disseminate virulently anti-Israel propaganda. Congressman Pocan should stop hiding behind a cloak of anonymity, take responsibility for facilitating this event, and, ideally, cancel it."

Groups involved in organizing the event include several advocacy organizations known for their criticism of the Israel Defense Forces, or IDF.

From the interview:

"His office has yet to respond to this and admit publicly to it. And it's very interesting because, I spoke to not only lawmakers on the record like Peter Roskam from Illinois who's a chair of the Israel caucus on the Hill but also senior officials on Capitol Hill, who state one, a forum of this nature is completely unprecedented. Boycott activists against Israel have never been welcome on Capitol Hill and this would be somewhat unprecedented.

"But also, to see the member of Congress try to remain anonymous and back this without stepping forward and explain to people why he or she supports this, that's what I think is at issue here, and that's what I think Representative Pocan owes to the people. Why would he back something that he clearly knows that is so out of the mainstream? And that's why I think he chooses to stay anonymous."

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