Mueller Is Good News for Congress, Bad for White House

Editor Charlie Sykes on Special Counsel Mueller

Right Wisconsin Editor Charlie Sykes appeared on Greta Van Sustren's show on MSNBC to discuss the appointment of Robert Mueller III, a former FBI director, as special counsel to investigate Russia's involvement in the 2016 election. Newsmax has a report on the appearance:

In comments Wednesday to MSNBC's Greta Van Susteren, the former conservative radio host and current editor of "Right Wisconsin" said "Congress now can take a deep breath."

"This is bad news for the White House," Sykes said. "But it's clearly very, very, very good news for Congress. … They can now deflect the questions and the obsession on the issue and say, 'look, you know, we trust the independent… counsel'"

Sykes said Republicans "from the beginning should be asking for this so that it's not hanging over their heads."

"So this does in effect unshackle Congress," he said. "Maybe it will allow the Trump administration to get some more momentum on its agenda because right now they are absolutely, completely dead in the water."

You can read the whole article at the link.

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