Insight 2016: Political Pundit Roundtable

The Pundit Panel at Insight 2016 featured Brian Fraley of Edge Messaging, Brian Sikma of Media Trackers, and RightWisconsin Managing Editor Collin Roth discussing a wide array of topics from local elections to the presidential primary.

Brian Fraley said the rise of Trump may be more about the inability of political class to judge the level of cynicism for elected officials in America. "The general public," said Fraley, "let's just face facts. The general public thinks that all politicians are full of B.S, and they have a low regard for all of them. And they think they all lie, and they're all on the take, and they think they're all frauds. So they can accept all of Donald Trump's shortcomings and hypocrisy." 

All three believed that Wisconsin's April 5 presidential primary is Ted Cruz's to lose and conservatives can and should coalesce around one candidate, with Collin Roth commenting on how Trump's unfavorable levels are 'through the roof" in southeast Wisconsin. Brian Sikma, who has backed Cruz since the Iowa Caucuses, believed that the Texas Senator is the only one who can stop Donald Trump from getting the nomination. 

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