Loser of the Day: Tony Evers

The State Superintendent for Public Instruction Tony Evers, running for re-election, is either purposely ignorant or a complete liar about voucher programs. During a debate with his opponent Lowell Holtz on Up Front with Mike Gousha, Evers said that there is no research supporting that choice schools are do better than Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) at educating kids.

That's simply not true. Either Evers should know that, and he's remaining willfully ignorant of the facts, or he's lying. Either way, the public should hold Evers accountable.

Just to take one recent study, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty did an "apples to apples" comparison of students in the choice program and in MPS and found that test scores were higher for students in the school choice voucher program. This is after studies that have shown higher graduation rates and higher parental satisfaction with schools in the choice program.

It's too bad neither Holtz nor Gousha called out Evers for his statement.

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