Loser of the Day: Andy Gronik

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Dan Bice buried the lede in his story about Milwaukee businessman Andy Gronik, a possible Democratic challenger to Governor Scott Walker. Or, as Bice put it, "Think of him as Mary Burke 2.0, but with less public service experience."

Gronik commissioned a poll to find out what "Wisconsinians," not Wisconsinites, think about issues affecting the state.

The editors of Right Wisconsin, proud Wisconsinites, are sick and tired of Wisconsinians taking away opportunities to answer pollsters when good Wisconsinites are ready to do the job. Perhaps we should consider building a wall to keep Wisconsinians out to protect the Wisconsinite population. Maybe we can get Illinois to pay for it, after they figure out their own fiscal mess caused by the Democrats down there.

By the way, the editors would like to go on record as being opposed to the word, "Sconnies," too. "Sconnies" is a term for dry bakery items to be dunked in overpriced coffee, not a term for the proud residents of the state of Wisconsin.

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