Just a group of "over-exuberant" individuals or eco-terrorists?

Sen. Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) tried to downplay the incidents of eco-terror at the Northwoods mining site in the the Penokee Mountains by making it sound like the masked individuals causing damage at the site are just a merry bunch of pranksters. According to reports from the site, tires have been slashed, cameras broken, bolts loosened on bridges, equipment and tools have been stolen, and workers have been confronted by masked individuals at the work site.

But according to Sen. Jauch, these types of acts are just a little bit of "over-exuberance." From the Northern Wisconsin mine to the Palermo's protesters sitting in the street, when will the Left stop excusing blatant law-breaking?

Sen. Bob Jauch the Loser of the Day.