In 2011, Wisconsin Senate Democrats tried to scuttle Governor Walker's reform agenda by fleeing to Illinois. We all know how that ended.

In 2013, Wisconsin Senate Republicans are attempting to scuttle Governor Walker's reform agenda while fleeing to the comfort of the closed caucus.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports this morning: "Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said a majority of GOP senators do not support Walker's proposal as currently written."

Which Senators? 

Senators Mike Ellis and Luther Olsen have publicly aired their concerns. As has sometime Republican Senator Dale Schultz. 

However, that is seven senators short of a majority of the 18 GOP senators.

Could the proposal be improved? Certainly.

But who are the other seven who oppose school choice?

Leibham? Darling? Lazich? Harsdorf? Cowles? Grothman? Gudex? Tiffany? Lasee? Vukmir?

Whomever these opponents of educational reform may be, they should have the integrity to air their concerns to the public.

Does your senator support empowering parents or supporting the educational bureaucracy?