Poor Senator Schultz. Earlier this month he was complaining about being left cold.
To warm up, he went turned to disgraced talk show host John Sylvester's new radio show to complain about conservative talk radio. Specifically Newsradio620 WTMJ. Even more specifically, our own Charlie Sykes.

I think I feel pressure just like everybody but it is clear that WTMJ in Southeast Wisconsin has every legislators in that area shaking in their boots. And, um, I think that it’s humiliating when legislators have to be hauled in there and sort of have to swear allegiance. My leader had to go in and tell Charlie Sykes that, you know, we weren’t going to allow any new taxes. And that all came off a press release from Grover Norquist.

It seems that the poor, cold Senator is upset that Sykes keeps lawmakers' feet to the fire. Schultz says that it's humiliating for lawmakers to have to explain their positions on the airwaves where so many people can hear them.
Perhaps that's why he chose Sly's show to air his complaints.