It's bad enough this 18 year incumbent judge from conservative Ozaukee County signed the recall petition. It's worse that he says that wasn't a public, political act and should not be an issue in his campaign. His new explanation for signing the petition is outrageous. 

For Wolfgram, the act of signing a petition to remove Walker from office was not done in opposition to the governor or his proposals, he said.

Wolfgram insisted he viewed the possibility of a recall campaign as simply providing time for himself and other citizens to gain more information on a few proposals in Walker's first-term agenda that prompted the recall effort...

"I took no position on the proposals" by signing the petition, Wolfgram said. "I did not fully understand the proposals," he said in explaining why he wanted more time to learn about them.

That dog won't hunt.

The petition didn't seek to delay implementation of new laws. It sought to remove the sitting governor from office.
Our Loser of the Day either didn't comprehend the actual recall petition, or he's being disingenuous with the public he's serving.

Either way, the judge is hardly covering himself in glory over this episode.