Nothing exposes the ugliness of the education establishment quite like proposals to expand parental options in education.

We saw that when Wisconsin belatedly took a leap into the late 20th Century and legalized online education only a few years ago. We're seeing it again this week as Governor Scott Walker proposes increasing school choice scholarship opportunities to more Wisconsin families.

From school district administrators to teacher union-installed school board members.. from entrenched incumbent lawmakers to left wing hacktivists... the defenders of the status quo have rushed to the state's mainstream reporters to express their disgust at the notion of public dollars financing the education of the state's public in any building not constructed and maintained by public dollars.

They bemoan what these increased educational opportunities will mean for the districts that may 'lose' children--as if your kids are the property of some bureaucrats at your local school district.

Here is something to remember about the education blob. They see children as mere vessels for state and federal dollars. If they 'lose' them, they lose the government aid. 

The notion of having to compete for the children they are supposed to serve is anathema to them. Not being too fond of competitiveness and capitalism in the first place, they recoil at the notion of having their performance graded by anyone. Return on investment? A foreign concept to be sure.

The battle over the expansion of school choice is much larger than a debate over a few thousand kids who may see their educational fortunes improve. It's about giving the power of public education back into the hands of the public, and away from the educational establishment.

The blob--our losers of the day.