Take a look at the best political links from around the web, brought to you exclusively by RightWisconsin. This Tuesday, we've got the details on Gov. Walker's expansion of school choice, Democrats retreating from their drive to ban hunting ammo, an interesting perspective on whether higher taxes will derail the economic recovery in California, and more.

Governor Walker announces his intent to expand school choice (Wheeler).

State Superintendent Tony Evers blasts expansion of school choice (NBC 15)

Gov. Walker wants major education reforms included in the next budget (MacIver Institute). 

An interesting filing in the state Supreme Court (Rick Esenberg).

Democrats retreat from banning hunting ammo (Media Trackers).

Why is a Democratic lawmaker focusing on driverless cars? (Media Trackers). 

Abuse concerns grow on phone aid for the poor (Wall Street Journal).

The Chinese Army linked to advanced hacking of American companies (Fox News).

Obama the puppet master (Politico).

President Obama's new Chief of Staff claims he is ready to cut the deficit by $1.5 trillion (Bloomberg).

The protests in Wisconsin still exist two years later, but are greatly diminished (USA Today).

Unions would see higher wages under a higher minimum wage (Daily Caller).

Colorado Democratic lawmaker says women don't need guns for self-defense (Hot Air).

Are unemployment benefits hurting the employment rate? (Free Beacon).

Will higher taxes on the rich derail California's economic comeback? (Washington Post).

Obama blackmails tax payers while blaming Republicans (Fox News).

Alec Baldwin's racist rant (Breitbart).