Enjoy this Friday edition of Key Reads, the guaranteed best stories important to Wisconsin conservatives from around the web.

Proposal for two separate "Police and Fire protecton" fees on every phone line (MacIver Institute).

Waiting on Tarentino (Widgerson)

Former Wisconsin State Journal reporter calls Sen. Johnson "biggest douche" (Media Trackers).

Liberals blame Walker for deaths, wish LA cop-killer Dorner would meet him (Media Trackers).

Rep. Paul Ryan: Obama delusional on the debt (The Hill)

PSC denies permit to wind farm citing questions about turbine noise (Wheeler).

Republicans in the U.S. Senate block vote on Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense - for now (USA Today).

DHS Secretary Dennis Smith column on Gov. Walker's entitlement reforms (Wheeler).

Walker's entitlement reforms promote the U.S. work ethic (Beloit Daily News).

Sens. Cullen, Schultz, and Jauch propose bi-partisan mining bill with added taxes (Wheeler)

Sen. Vukmir statement on hearing regarding foster care fraud (Wheeler).

Sen. Tammy Baldwin working to try and raise taxes to avoid spending cuts (Wheeler).

The State of the Democrats (National Review Online).

USDA training videos label Pilgrims as "illegal aliens" (Breitbart).